• Intermediate Java programing- I am able to program in the language Java at an intermediate level. Since Computer Science is my major, I have been able to dive into Java programming pretty deeply in a relatively short amount of time. Each day outside of class I practice using Java and write my own code. I aspire to be a leader in the tech world, and the more programming languages I know, the better.
  • Basic C programming- I know the basic structure of the C programming language- As a CPS major I have not touched C at a university level quite yet, however, I have practiced using C outside of class on my own to further my knowledge of the language. Just like knowing Java, knowing C will let me move up the ranks because the more language proficiency you have, the better.
  • Microsoft Office proficiency– I am able to do a lot in Microsoft Office, I took a few classes back in high school that have given me the tools to be successful when using Microsoft Office. Since I use Office everyday, it is easy to continue to strengthen my skills. In the tech world, communication is essential, being a good communicator compliments being a good leader.
  • Intermediate Spanish proficiency- I have the ability to hold conversations in Spanish for a few minutes at a time. I am not totally fluent, but have enough ability to carry on a conversation, however, I am better at reading and writing Spanish than speaking. As the United States becomes more and more diverse, it is essential to be inclusive and culturally adroit. A leader knows how to break down cultural barriers and understands different cultural aspects.
  • Public speaking- During high school I took speech classes to get better at delivering a presentation in front of a crowd. In college I have already taken a debate class and am looking to take more classes in communication to better my ability to  publicly speak. Leaders are often able to project their messages to audiences to spread a cause.
  • Team player- I have been on countless sport teams growing up, and this has allowed me to learn how to productively work with other people. As a team, it is easy to work toward a common goal. In college, I am a part of the Leader Advancement Scholar cohort of 2016 and a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, both organizations require me to work with others and utilize positive collaboration. As a leader, it is important to work as a team to bounce ideas off one another.