• Blake Kwiecinski: Graduate of L’Anse Creuse High School North in 2016.
  • Sophomore at Central Michigan University: Studying Information Technology and Economics.
  • Currently, I am a member of the Leadership Institute in the LAS program. As a Leadership Advancement Scholarship recipient, I often participate in Leadership activities and spread leadership throughout our campus. As a member of the LAS program, I also actively try to recruit upcoming leaders to join force with the Leadership Institute.
  • I am in Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and sit on the Executive Board as the President. As the President, I have the responsibility of ensuring that all brothers of the fraternity are following the rules and regulations of the university and nationals. I am also the point of contact for the fraternity to any outside entities.
  • I am a member of the College Republicans. I love working on campaigns for candidates that I support!
  • As the year progresses, I am planning on joining the AITP club, which is the club for information technology professionals. In this club, we learn different types of programming techniques and methods regarding new and upcoming programming theories and concepts.