When I was growing up as a child, my parents always told me, “to shoot for the stars and shine like the star that you are.” These simple phrases have motivated me countless amounts of times. As I enter my second semester of college, I have many goals. Some of these goals are short term, and some are longer term goals. Let’s take a look and dive right in…..

Short term goal 1: For the 2016-2017 school year, I strive to keep my grade point average above a 3.5, and to make the Dean’s List. My Fall semester really taught me that I could do college. I received a 3.94 my first semester, and I am striving to continue to keep the good grades up for second semester of my freshman year.

Short term goal 2: In the Fall of 2016, I rushed Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. After one short semester of being an active member, I am a member of the executive board. I hope to continue to lead and move into higher positions on the executive board in the next few years. I want to leave a positive legacy on my chapter and I want brothers to remember the good work I have done.


Short term goal 3: Being a member of LAS, I participated in this year’s competition day. I had a complete blast and would really like to be a big part of the preparation and running of comp day next year. I will run for the sophomore chair for the LAS comp day next year, and I hope I am able to take that challenge on head on.

Long term goal 1: As a student here at Central Michigan University, my goal is to graduate. Not only is my goal to graduate, but to graduate with honors. I will remain on the Dean’s List during my entire duration here at CMU. My academics are my first priority here at CMU and I will do everything in my power to push myself academically.

Long term goal 2: In the future I am looking to enter the professional field in law enforcement. After graduation, I will attend a police academy and enter the field to protect and serve the population that I swore my oath to.

law enforcement.jpg

Long term goal 3: As weird as it sounds at this age, I want to have a family and be able to provide them with the world. Growing up, my parents did a wonderful job providing what they could to allow me to be successful and I want to take that challenge on and be the best  husband to my future wife, and the best dad I can be to my future children.


My parents always told me to,”shoot for the stars.” My education here at CMU has opened many doorways to me already and I hope they continue to open those doors in the future. I will continue to work hard to achieve the goals I want to achieve.