Central Michigan University

Major: Information Technology and Economics

Minor: Leadership and Computer Science

GPA: 3.98

I did not choose CMU , CMU chose me. When searching for universities, I gravitated toward Michigan State University; however, when I was offered my academic scholarship and Leadership Advancement scholarship, I knew it was my calling to attend. Central Michigan had what I wanted. A good college of science and technology, a leadership program that was one of a kind, and a loving and caring community. My first major is going to be in Economics. I chose my major because I really want to be in a government job once I graduate from college. As of right now, programming and cybersecurity jobs are at an all time high, so finding a career in this area is quite easy. Currently, I am looking at some federal internships over the next few summers.  I am also interested in software design and installation and my IT will grant me that privilege. I want to end up working in the federal government. As for my leadership minor, I really want to build my leadership skills and take those skills into my career.