Primal Leadership Presentation

When reading Primal Leadership, I learned many qualities of leadership that I have not been familiar with. Being a direct and systematic leader, I often do not worry about the emotional feelings of those I am leading in all instances. Primal Leadership focussed heavily on linking emotional connections between leaders and followers. If a leader is emotional, he/she is able to connect and sympathize more with their followers. When emotionally connecting to their followers, it is often super important that leaders radiate positivity. A positive attitude can go a long way. A person can tell when a leader is positive or negative, and this can often shape the entire way someone looks at a situation. Reading the book completely changed my thought process. I never understood how important connecting to people on an emotional level was.

Now what?: As a leader, I need to try to bring as much positivity as I can. If I want to lead a successful team, i need to ensure that I connect with them.  Looking into the future, I will ensure I make those connections necessary to make my team the most efficient team i can make. Being a future leader, I must take what this book said to heart. Even if I am having a bad day, I must still show gratitude and positivity to my followers to ensure my team is functioning at the highest level.


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