Leadership Lectures

In this blog, I will discuss three of the most  prominent Leadership Lectures of this semester as a first semester freshman in the LAS program.

My first session was with Erin Smith Gaken. She described the 12 excuses people make for making unethical decisions. Her presentation was completely spot on. Even though I try to ensure I am the best version of myself each day, I have participated in some of these 12 excuses. The one that stuck out to me most was “ethics is a luxury and i can’t afford it.” Often college students use this one the most. Since we are all poor in college, sometimes we make decisions that don’t necessarily reflect our character, but reflect the situation that we are in as people. Moving forward, I will try to make decisions with ethics in mind. I know that it will always not be the easiest choice, but it is necessary to make ethical decisions and continue making them.


My second session was with Josh Lee. Josh’s presentation focussed on building teams and branding a business or idea. He explained in his presentation how many successful firms advertise with emotional claims. Josh explained the importance of advertising and how important it is to be able to pitch a brand in 30 seconds. We formed teams and pitched our ideas of how our organization would be successful, we used interpersonal communication skills to build our thoughts. Josh Lee explained the importance of making a strong team that embraces the values of all of the members. In the future when creating teams, I will appeal to the emotion of my audience and put together the strongest team I possibly can.


My third session was with Brooke Helm, director of the College of Science and Engineering residential college. Her presentation was based around ensuring good communication with others, and how important it is to realize that it is okay to be a follower sometime. Brooke showed a video that allowed her audience to realize when it is time to be a follower. After some time of discussion, all of us in the room were comfortable with being the first follower if we ever needed to. Brooke really went into detail regarding how communication is key. It is important that we as leaders do not get caught up in the “Mouse Trap of Communication.” This phenomenon includes not recognizing efficient communication methods and reverting to methods that may not be as efficient. It is often possible to get tripped up over content of a message rather than how it is delivered, however, delivery is very important when it comes to being a leader. Leaders know how to present a message that will be most effective in the setting necessary.



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